04/18/2024 SPHERE Las Vegas, NV

SET 1: Everything’s Right, Back on the Train, Wolfman’s Brother, Maze, Leaves, Life Saving Gun, Dirt, Carini

SET 2: Sand > Tweezer -> My Friend, My Friend > Mike’s Song > Lifeboy, Weekapaug Groove, Blaze On > Fluffhead

ENCORE: Farmhouse, Run Like an Antelope

The band took the stage while the pre-show electronic music continued. During Back on the Train, psychedelic images of passing countryside were displayed behind and above the band, rotating in opposite directions in different sections of the dome. Trey teased Mercy, Mercy, Mercy in Wolfman’s Brother. During Maze, psychedelic live images of each band member appeared, stacked on top of each other. These images then fragmented and spread out, dancing and turning throughout the jam. During Leaves, several giant paper lanterns appeared, flanking the stage, while the dome showed a multitude of paper lanterns floating over water, with the moon shining above. During Life Saving Gun, the dome displayed stacks of old-style televisions with rabbit ears, with each television showing a live shot of one of the band members. These TVs moved and rotated as the jam progressed. After the song, Trey said that he “loves any song with a Jon Fishman percussion rinse,” and told the crowd they should see the Sphere from the stage. During Dirt, the dome showed a forest view, looking upwards through trees at a purple-hued sky. During Tweezer, a field of multi-colored cars appeared behind the band, changing in size and shape and with their headlights blinking on and off in patterns, while other cars drove past overhead. My Friend, My Friend included live spotlight silhouettes of the band members projected across the entire dome and Egg in a Hole quotes from Mike and did not contain the “Myfe” ending. The projections during Mike’s Song made it seem as if the venue was outdoors, with the band playing in front of a body of water with a rotating sculpture on the far shore. During Lifeboy, the sun went down and a number of other rotating sculptures lit up in the sky, creating a golden star-scape. The sun then rose again during Weekapaug. Blaze On’s lyrics were changed to “dancing in the Sphere.” Farmhouse began and ended with Trey on acoustic guitar, as well as images of a farmhouse in a field under a night sky filled with stars and aurorae. This show was connected to the other three with each night’s setlist tied into a state of matter. This performance’s matter type was solid.

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Author: schill