4/24/1987 – Billings Lounge, University of Vermont

 In the heart of Burlington, Vermont, at the iconic Billings Lounge on the University of Vermont campus, Phish crafted a musical celebration to cap off “Earth Week.” The night, etched into the pages of Phish history, featured a setlist brimming with classics and the debut of two tracks, offering a unique experience for all in attendance.

The opening chords of “Golgi Apparatus” set the tone for an evening filled with musical exploration. The seamless transition into “AC/DC Bag -> Possum” showcased the band’s ability to build momentum and create an energetic atmosphere in the intimate venue.

The elaborate composition of “Fluffhead” followed, with its intricate layers captivating the audience. Phish continued to push boundaries with the ever-evolving “You Enjoy Myself -> Dave’s Energy Guide,” demonstrating their willingness to experiment and defy musical conventions.

A highlight of the night came with the debut of “Punch Me in the Eye,” a track that would go on to become a staple in Phish’s live repertoire. The audience was treated to the first-known performance of “Who Do? We Do!” further adding to the sense of musical discovery.

The set continued with a blend of classics and newer additions to the Phish catalog. “David Bowie” showcased the band’s improvisational prowess, while “Dear Mrs. Reagan > Slave to the Traffic Light” provided a captivating conclusion to the first set.


  1. Golgi Apparatus
  2. AC/DC Bag -> Possum
  3. Fluffhead
  4. You Enjoy Myself -> Dave’s Energy Guide
  5. Punch Me in the Eye (First known performance)
  6. Alumni Blues > Letter to Jimmy Page > Alumni Blues
  7. I Am Hydrogen -> Who Do? We Do! (First known performance)
  8. David Bowie
  9. Dear Mrs. Reagan > Slave to the Traffic Light

Phish’s performance at Billings Lounge not only marked the culmination of “Earth Week” but also stood as a testament to their commitment to musical exploration and innovation. The debut of “Punch Me in the Eye” and “Who Do? We Do!” added an extra layer of excitement to an already exhilarating night.


Author: schill