2/21/1987 – Slade Hall, University of Vermont

 On a chilly night at the University of Vermont’s Slade Hall on February 21, 1987, Phish defied musical conventions and treated the audience to a night of eclectic and experimental sounds. This performance showcased the band’s evolving style and their willingness to delve into uncharted territories.

The first set kicked off with the first-known Phish performance of “Why Don’t You Love Me?” Setting the stage for an evening of surprises, this debut hinted at the band’s inclination to explore diverse genres and push the boundaries of their repertoire.

The second set, unfortunately with an incomplete setlist, continued the musical odyssey with the complex and intricate “Fluffhead.” The energy heightened with the fiery intensity of “Fire” and the debut of “Suzy Greenberg,” which would become a fan-favorite in Phish’s extensive catalog.

The social and political commentary of “Dear Mrs. Reagan” added a touch of gravitas to the set, showcasing the band’s ability to infuse their music with deeper meaning. The infectious rhythm of “Camel Walk” and the playful “Back Porch Boogie Blues” further emphasized the band’s versatility.

The first-known Phish performance of “Blue Monk” added a jazzy dimension to the set, with Trey playfully introducing the band as “three quarters of the Bob Dylan Band.” The tune included an ‘A’ Train tease from Page, demonstrating the band’s seamless integration of diverse musical influences.

The set continued with the debut of “Clod,” “Lushington,” and the iconic “Peaches en Regalia,” showcasing Phish’s instrumental prowess and their ability to navigate complex compositions.

The introduction of “Swing Low, Sweet Chariot” and the reggae-infused groove of “Boogie On Reggae Woman” marked further departures into unexplored musical realms. The debut of “Ya Mar” and “Corinna” further underscored the band’s willingness to embrace new sounds and styles.

The setlist might be incomplete, but what is evident is Phish’s commitment to delivering a diverse and unpredictable musical experience. The night concluded with a sequence of “Dog Log” and “Alumni Blues > Letter to Jimmy Page > Alumni Blues,” leaving the audience in awe of the band’s ability to seamlessly weave together an array of musical tapestries.

This night at Slade Hall on 02/21/1987 was a snapshot of Phish’s early experimentation and foreshadowed the musical diversity that would define their illustrious career.

Set 1:

  1. Why Don’t You Love Me? (First known Phish performance)

Set 2 (Incomplete):
2. Fluffhead

  1. Fire
  2. Suzy Greenberg
  3. Dear Mrs. Reagan
  4. Camel Walk
  5. Back Porch Boogie Blues
  6. Blue Monk (First known Phish performance)
  7. Clod
  8. Lushington
  9. Peaches en Regalia
  10. Swing Low, Sweet Chariot
  11. Boogie On Reggae Woman (First known Phish performance)
  12. Ya Mar (First known Phish performance)
  13. Corinna (First known Phish performance)
  14. Dog Log
  15. Alumni Blues > Letter to Jimmy Page > Alumni Blues

Author: schill