08/09/1987 NECTAR’S Burlington, VT

SET 1: Golgi Apparatus > Slave to the Traffic Light, La Grange[1], Lushington[2] -> Possum, Sneakin’ Sally Through the Alley, Timber (Jerry the Mule), Good Times Bad Times, AC/DC Bag, Shaggy Dog, Funky Bitch

SET 2: The Curtain With
The debut includes both the highly composed section we now think of as The Curtain, as well as the flowing and spriralling instrumental section familiar to us as the With jam. Melodies and musical ideas from this classic would later be incorporated into “Reba” and “Rift,” while songs which debuted subsequently, especially “Mockingbird” and “Esther,” both seem to draw inspiration from With.
[3], Halley’s Comet > The Sloth[3], Light Up Or Leave Me Alone -> Skin It Back, Peaches en Regalia, Fluffhead, Fee[3], Harry Hood, Harpua, Suzy Greenberg

SET 3: David Bowie, You Enjoy Myself, Ya Mar, Divided Sky, Flat Fee[3], McGrupp and the Watchful Hosemasters, Corinna

[1] First known Phish performance.
[2] No lyrics.
[3] First known performance.

This show marked the first known performances of The Curtain With, The Sloth, Fee, and Flat Fee, as well as the first known Phish performance of La Grange. Lushington did not contain any lyrics.

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Author: schill