11/23/1985 – Goddard College

 In the intimate halls of Goddard College on November 23, 1985, Phish delivered a performance that has become the stuff of legend among ardent fans. This night marked the unveiling of new musical frontiers as the band dived into experimental realms, leaving an indelible mark on the history of their evolving sound.

The first set kicked off with a bang, featuring the first-known Phish performance of “Wild Thing.” The choice of this iconic rock anthem as an opener demonstrated Phish’s playful irreverence and their ability to infuse their own twist into well-known classics.

The second set, unfortunately incomplete in the available recordings, left an enduring impression on those lucky enough to be in attendance. Opening with the familiar strains of “Mike’s Song,” the band embarked on a sonic journey that would redefine the boundaries of live improvisation.

The “Whipping Post Jam” that followed added a layer of cosmic exploration to the set. Fading in with a jam reminiscent of Dark Star, the band teased with echoes of Norwegian Wood from Mike and a nod to Slave to the Traffic Light from Trey. The jam transformed into a passage akin to the early intro of Harry Hood, showcasing Phish’s ability to weave diverse influences into their improvisational tapestry.

As the “Whipping Post Jam” receded, the unmistakable opening chords of “Run Like an Antelope” emerged from the musical ether. The setlist, likely incomplete due to recording limitations, hinted at the band’s relentless pursuit of new sonic landscapes.

While the complete sets remain a mystery, the snippets available paint a vivid picture of Phish’s early audacity and their inclination to embrace the unknown. The Goddard College performance on 11/23/1985 stands as a testament to Phish’s boundless creativity, foreshadowing the intricate jams and cosmic explorations that would become hallmarks of their future shows.

Set 1:

  1. Wild Thing (First known Phish performance)

Set 2 (Incomplete):
2. Mike’s Song

  1. Whipping Post Jam
    • Jam reminiscent of Dark Star
    • Norwegian Wood teases from Mike
    • Slave to the Traffic Light tease from Trey
    • Jam reminiscent of the early intro to Harry Hood
  2. Run Like an Antelope

Author: schill